SonoSim, a provider of ultrasound education and training, and GE Healthcare expanded their collaboration to now cover ultrasound training and education for GE Women's Health and Urology Divisions. With this move, SonoSim® 365 for GE Healthcare will now be offered to Women's Health and Urology clients with qualifying ultrasound systems. This follows the initial collaboration last year that made SonoSim® 365 available to GE Healthcare's Point-of-Care Ultrasound division clients. The companies say this collaboration will accelerate the “adoption of bedside ultrasound by medical practitioners by eliminating a historical barrier to its use, the difficulty and complexity of training users.”

The SonoSim Ultrasound Training Solution is a portable, virtual ultrasound training experience that uses real patient cases with a broad range of normal and pathologic conditions. The SonoSim® 365 for GE Healthcare provides convenient ultrasound education through integrated didactic instruction, hands-on training, and knowledge assessment.

"SonoSim's innovative simulation platform allows clinicians to gain confidence in their scanning skillset by providing training on everything from the basics of scanning through to the navigation of complex, real-world, pathologic cases from actual patients," according to Tracy Bury, General Manager GE Women's Health Ultrasound US.

It teaches users how to use ultrasound to evaluate many common health conditions that afflict women from adolescence through menopause – including a host of obstetric and gynecologic conditions, and a variety of disorders that affect women in gender-specific ways. It offers training on breast and soft-tissue imaging, as well as abdominal, cardiac and musculoskeletal topics that afflict women.