What first started as a personal audio-note collection to brush up on subjects in neurology throughout James Siegler's residency has grown at an “unexpected rate” and is now an educational podcast with more than 7,000 plays.

Siegler, a senior resident physician at Penn, is the voice and mind behind BrainWaves, a neurology podcast aimed towards medical professionals and students across the country.

After previously writing and reviewing for the medical journal Neurology, Siegler started talking to the journal's podcast producers. He wanted to meld the concept of a podcast with the colloquial setting that he and other residents try to create for students to review updates in the field of neurology.

“All of the available podcasts were affiliated with medical journals and were only … intended to instruct,” Siegler said. “I wanted something that could be delivered to the masses and to the trainee … who need this education on the go.”

Siegler described his podcast as “an alternative approach to medical education,” due to the accessibility and mobility of the podcast medium. According to Siegler, data in peer-reviewed journals show that students now listen to multimedia presentations as much as they read scholarly texts.

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