Queen's Medical Center is using the power of technology to help bridge the gap between patients and doctors with language barriers.

The technology is called “Martti”.

“Our clinic serves a very diverse population, meaning most if not more than 50% of our patients are not English proficient.” said Fritzie Igno, Medical Director for Queen Emma Clinics.

That’s what makes Martti so valuable to health care professionals at Queen’s.

It's a new upgraded iPad that's designed to improve communication with patients who may not speak English as their first language.

“When our patients come in the anxiety level is quite high anyways. So, we’re able to provide this service and patients can make sure all their needs are met while they’re here in the Emergency department.” said Melissa Derry, a registered nurse at Queen’s.

Martti stands for My Accessible Real-Time Trusted Interpreter.  The iPad is a mobile, video conference unit that provides quick access to language interpretation for patients.

“We’ve actually doubled our number in Martti’s, so now we have two. We’re able to wheel the iPad to the bedside and give a face to face connection with the patient and the interpreter.” said Derry.

Health Care professionals at Queen's say Martti helps them better understand their patients needs, ultimately helping them make better decisions for the patients.

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