San Bernardino County Supervisors on Tuesday approved, without discussion, a $10 million, five-year agreement to support the effort for a new medical school in Colton.

The California University of Science and Medicine’s School of Medicine is expected to open in summer 2018 inside temporary headquarters in San Bernardino and then move to its permanent home just north of Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, the county hospital in Colton, said Dr. Dev GnanaDev, founder, president and CEO of CalMed.

Remodeling for the temporary site is ongoing at the former Everest College site at 217 E. Club Center Drive, just west of Waterman Avenue and south of the 10 Freeway.

GnanaDev is also chief of surgery at ARMC and president of the Medical Board of California. Previously, he was a longtime ARMC medical director and is a past president of the California Medical Association.

Originally, CalMed had hoped to open the new medical school in Colton this fall, but GnanaDev said Tuesday, during an interview following the supervisors’ vote, that it is easier to get necessary accreditations from an existing structure than from a new building.

The initial class will grow from 60 students to 90 the second year and 120 the third year. From then on, each graduating class will start with 120 students, he said.