Written by Andy Smith, MTM Publisher

A few weeks ago, MTM reported that the Leapfrog Group announced the winners of its 2018 Top Hospital Awards with 118 hospitals recognized in four categories; Children’s, General, Teaching and Rural Hospitals. Living and working in Florida we are all delighted to report this state has the most ‘elite’ hospitals of any state in the U.S., with 18 “A” Hospitals out of a total of 118 listed nationally, as defined by the Leapfrog Group. Florida, California, New jersey and Texas each recorded 12 or more hospitals receiving the highest awards for this year.

The Leapfrog Group is a national nonprofit organization driving a movement for leaps forward in the quality and safety of American health care. The group says its Leapfrog Hospital Survey collects and transparently reports hospital performance, empowering purchasers to find the highest-value care and giving consumers the information they need to make informed decisions.

The Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade initiative, assigns letter grades to hospitals based on their records of patient safety, to help consumers protect themselves and their families from errors, injuries, accidents and infections.

Details of the elite hospitals in your state can be found here: http://www.leapfroggroup.org/news-events/leapfrog-group-announces-2018-top-hospital-recipients

Hopefully you and your family will not need the service of a hospital this year but if you do then this list is a good initial reference point, though frankly more research is required for each case, and other categorizations of this type do exist. This is an overall quality and safety ranking and other hospitals do achieve the highest grades in some areas of activity.

To find out where your local hospital ranks you can search here: http://www.hospitalsafetygrade.org/

Possibly as many as a third to a half of all hospitals do not report their quality metrics as this is not a compulsory activity as yet.

As a business dedicated to the global simulation and training industry Halldale hopes this information is of use to our US S&T colleagues and their loved ones.