For the seventh year in a row, President Clinton presented the keynote address at the 7th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit. In his speech, President Clinton commended attendees on the 273,077 lives saved over the last seven years and asked participating clinicians, hospitals and healthcare technology companies to recruit others to join them.

He stated, “I’m grateful that the movement just in the last year alone saved more than 90,000 lives. I’m grateful for the 4,700 hospitals at home and around the world that are part of this effort. I’m grateful that 89 technology companies have committed to share data to develop algorithms and predict dangerous trends. And I hope there will be more. I’m very happy that this is increasingly a global effort. The Patient Safety Movement now has 35 regional chairs leading local networks across 50 countries.” He continued, “My most important message is to please stay active in this, please get more people active in it and don’t give up.”

After his speech, President Clinton sat down with the Founder and Chairman of the Patient Safety Movement, Joe Kiani, and they discussed the state of the world today, the dangers of apathy, global warming and the opioid epidemic. President’s Clinton’s speech and discussion with Kiani will be on the Patient Safety Movement’s YouTube channel next week.

Other keynotes included speaker Daniel J. Cole, presenting the emerging challenge of delirium from the perspective of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA).