Providing an overview of the fundamentals of patient safety, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute is offering an online and in-person Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course, which equips healthcare professionals and leaders with the information, tools and techniques to build a strong patient safety culture within their organizations. The in-person course takes place from 3-6 June 2019, in Ottawa, Canada.

The in-person course is delivered in a workshop format, where professionals will learn and become patient safety officers via a compressed 4-day curriculum delivered by foremost patient safety experts. The in-person course allows learners to have a dedicated time and space for an intensive learning experience focused on patient safety. Learners will have an invaluable opportunity to network and concurrently learn from peers across the country.

The Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course is jointly developed and delivered by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and HealthCareCAN, supported by experts from across Canada and internationally. The course is intended for healthcare professionals and leaders who have the formal responsibility of disseminating patient safety principles and programs throughout the organization, including patient safety officers, clinical managers, nurses, physicians, educators and allied health professionals.