In WISER’s Spring 2019 Highlights, the company announced that it is developing version 3 of its Simulation Information Management System (SIMS). WISER has taken everything it has learned by working with its customers over the past 13 years and is in the process of rewriting SIMS 3.0 from the ground up.

The new version is cleaner, more powerful and much more flexible than version 2.0. In addition, it will be mobile friendly, allowing users to manage many aspects of their center from their phone, tablet or computer. The scheduling platform will give users complete control of their calendar, whether users are a small center or if the user’s program spans multiple time zones. SIMS 3.0 will allow integration into many other Learning Management Systems, as well as provide its own platform for curriculum development for students, faculty and operations personnel. The new permissions system will allow administrators to have extremely fine-tuned control over who has access to specific functionalities in the system. Customizable notifications via email or text will keep all users updated on where, when and what they need to do.