The Greeley Company has expanded its live national education seminar offerings to include four new programs focused on addressing daily real-world challenges healthcare leaders face. The new educational programs provide attendees with the tools to diagnose and treat burnout; techniques to manage challenges in clinical, financial and operational healthcare processes; strategies to protect patients and support practitioners; and leveraging organizational effectiveness tools to resolve dysfunction and restore trust.

“We have worked with countless physician and hospital leaders over the past 20 years, so we know very well where gaps in knowledge tend to occur and how best to address them. Greeley’s education team is committed to continuously providing new and relevant content to help physicians and hospital leaders thrive in today’s challenging healthcare landscape,” said Dr. Rick Sheff, chief medical officer of Greeley. “Previous event attendees have said that Greeley’s methodology has better enabled them to navigate challenging situations and has given them the tools necessary to develop as a leader. Attendees come away with a greater understanding of what executive leadership looks like in practice, and many return to further hone their skills.”

Greeley’s new physician burnout program, presented by Dr. Sheff, will help attendees move the needle on the burnout epidemic by outlining an accurate, in-depth diagnosis and treatment plan. The program focuses on working through change to teach effective change management techniques, and physicians will be given the tools to enact effective change within an organization. The crucial conversations program offers strategies to protect patients and support the practitioner, and will help attendees develop key communication skills. The organizational effectiveness workshop is a two-day program that will give attendees an opportunity to collaborate on how to create and promote a culture of accountability in their own organizations.

Greeley’s new education offerings will build on previous seminars and will complement the company’s core seminar tracks, which address topics such as medical executive committee leadership, peer-review, and credentialing. The new programs will be unveiled at Greeley’s upcoming events in Phoenix, Arizona, from October 17-19, 2019, and in Boca Raton, Florida, from December 5-7, 2019.