XRHealth announced its collaboration with Magic Leap, aimed at bringing XRHealth health and wellness solutions to Magic Leap devices – a new ARHealth platform.

XRHealth and Magic Leap are collaborating to bring XRHealth health and wellness solutions to medical practitioners. The ARHealth therapeutic platform will deliver spatial computing applications for rehabilitation, cognitive training, psychological assessment and distraction from pain. These non-invasive medical tools enhance the treatment experience for patients – allowing them to analyze and quantify their own results and track their progress over time.

For doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers, the ARHealth platform will provide highly accurate tracking tools and data analysis for use in hospitals and medical facilities. The comprehensive solution will leverage artificial intelligence and cloud-computing algorithms to upload quantified information to a web-based data portal in real time. External tablet control will enable medical professionals to control their patient's session, from setup of session characteristics to choosing content, duration and more. For remote monitoring, the system will

generate a detailed report at the end of every session, allowing adjustment of the patient's AR experience, as needed.