321 Next Reality has released a video featuring a virtual reality (VR) experience showcasing Crohn’s Disease. The video highlights an interactive VR simulation, during which “players” interact using a virtual reality headset to play a VR game called “Attack of the Crohn's.”

 The name for the interactive VR experience is intended to resonate with audiences within the Crohn’s community – audiences who want to know more about the why’s and how’s associated with this particular intestinal ailment. Training and education for many of today's industries are being transformed using immersive technology such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality.

The original impetus for this custom VR content was, in part, an information campaign. An educational whiteboard video commissioned by a pharmaceutical client caught on in the Crohn’s and Colitis communities. Once that video went viral, the same pharmaceutical client wanted to build on their success by creating even more attention-getting media. The team at 321 Next Reality knew that VR for education and VR for healthcare training made perfect sense. They set out working on the virtual reality expansion of their whiteboard video, called “Attack of the Crohn's.”

“Making this VR immersive activation was a really easy decision,” said Sal Pecoraro of 321 Next Reality. “The ability to shrink the user down and put them inside the body – it makes for a very engaging experience, and that’s what ends up making it even more educational.” Pecoraro went on to discuss the video itself, which shows aspects of the VR experience intermixed with conference-goers enjoying that experience. The video was an essential way to show the impact on people who stopped to use the VR experience. “Everyone who put that headset on ended up grinning from ear to ear.”