Inovus Medical have released the bozzini Laparoscopic Simulator, the second institutional laparoscopic simulator added to the range.

Billed as the world’s first affordable and accessible ‘simulated laparoscopic stack system’, Innovus say it offers real to life laparoscope and camera handling simulation at a fraction of the cost of using a retired or repurposed stack system.

This high-fidelity simulator utilises the proprietary bozzini light source and camera technology to deliver a full stack system experience through an affordable, compact, table-top device.

The new system utilizes some of Inovus Medical’s design features, such as its highly popular port entry trainer. It also works with Inovus Medical’s range of synthetic soft tissue models and with animal by-products, making it suitable for running high fidelity wetlab courses.

Inovus say the system is perfect for simulation centres and teaching institutions who want to perform close to life laparoscopic simulation with particular focus on training real to life camera handling skills.

"The bozzini Laparoscopic Simulator meets what has, up until now, been an unmet need in delivery of close to life, high fidelity laparoscopic simulation where there is particular focus on using real laparoscopic," said Dr Elliot Street, Inovus Medical’s CEO.