Elizabeth Weissbrod, an HJF employee working as a medical illustrator with the Uniformed Services University Val G. Hemming Simulation Center, highlights the muscles of the leg and foot.

Remedy Simulation Group announced the availability of PaperCut Trauma Temporary Tattoos for public use in trauma care training. Elizabeth Weissbrod, an employee of the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine (HJF) at the Uniformed Services University (USU), developed these cost and time-saving tattoos at the Val G. Hemming Simulation Center (VGHSC) as part of military trauma care training.

“The concept evolved from an event at the National Museum of Health and Medicine involving écorché painting on athletes,” said Weissbrod. “It involves physically painting muscles on the skin of a model so viewers can connect structure and function to the underlying anatomy. Utilizing commercially available temporary tattoo paper, we were able to create accurate illustrations that we could quickly apply, decreasing cost and time in conducting this crucial training.”

The tattoo technology was licensed to GA Whiteside LLC and Remedy Simulation LLC through the USU-HJF Joint Office of Technology Transfer. Through an Advanced Medical Technology Initiative Rapid Innovation Funding grant, the VGHSC expanded the number of illustrations to more than 100, depicting various injuries and pathologies. Sample tattoos were given to 49 facilities (17 military, 32 civilian). The feedback from these sites assisted in refining the illustrations as well as the application and removal instructions. 

The tattoos were also submitted in the Professional Dimensional Media Category of the 2019 Association of Medical Illustrators Annual Salon. They received an award of excellence for being an “illustration meeting the highest standards of the profession.”