The Halldale Group, publisher of Military Simulation and Training (MS&T), Civil Aviation Training (CAT) and Medical Training (MTM) Magazines acquired Military Training International (MTI) from Defense House Publishing.

MTI will be merged into MS&T, which will re-institute a sixth issue in 2017 that will carry the Military Training International logo, and will focus on non-NATO simulation and training issues, leaders and industry content.

Halldale Publisher and owner Andy Smith commented, “We are pleased to be able to add MTI to our defense portfolio and strengthen our industry leading MS&T magazine yet further. MTI has always had a strong readership and focus on the US defense scene and has emerged onto the international market in the past year. Adding its database and content to MS&T further strengthens our U.S. base and adds to our global reach.”

Halldale also welcomed Holly Foster to the Halldale team as Business Manager for MS&T. Holly has 13 years of experience in defense publishing, including two years as a key member of the MTI/MT2 team as Associate Publisher.  Foster says, “It’s an honor to be a part of the MS&T staff and the military training and simulation community. I look forward to working closely with an industry that is dedicated to providing solutions for service members to be mission ready around the globe.”

Halldale has been publishing magazines in support of the simulation and training industry for 30 years, the longest of any S&T publication. Its entire focus is on simulation and training, team and individual performance improvement – and its editorial team has unparalleled background as operators, trainers and providers of this technology as well as magazine and event production.

“Training to support safety and business efficiency in high value, high-risk industries such as defense, healthcare and the airlines has never been more important given the dramatic growth rates and tremendous demographic shifts in today’s society,” said Smith. “The need to train more effectively, more rapidly and achieve higher levels of competency is driving a dynamic sector more rapidly than ever.”

Halldale’s range of publications, data products, events, websites, print and electronic media supplied worldwide is well placed, and growing to meet to meet global demand.