SIMETRI was chosen by Laerdal Medical to produce “trauma limbs” to complement the high-fidelity, full-body patient simulators they delivered to the Department of the Army.

All image credits: SIMETRI

Laerdal’s contract provides new manikins to the U.S. Army Medical Simulation Training Centers (MSTCs), where sustainment and enhanced medical training is provided to combat medics and all non-medical Soldiers across the active Army, Reserve, and National Guard. The MSTCs provide hands-on instruction on the latest battlefield trauma and critical care techniques based on Army Medical Department (AMEDD) approved performance-oriented Programs of Instruction (POI).  Medical treatment validation exercises simulate the high stress of performing medical interventions in combat. 


“With realistic trauma simulation, we can replicate the high stress environment surrounding a provider while needing to perform interventions in combat,” Albán said. “We’re able to prepare first responders to treat the latest traumatic injuries with critical-care techniques.”

SIMETRI continues to deliver high fidelity trauma modules and moulage that is compatible both with human actors and human patient simulators.