AFWERX is currently accepting solutions for two challenges to help the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD): Space, and Accelerating Pilots to Combat-Ready Aviators. The AFWERX Challenge allows individuals, startups, small businesses, large enterprises, academics and research labs to submit solutions to specific challenges to solve problems for the U.S. Air Force.


AFWERX has partnered with the U.S. Space Force, Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), Pacific Air Forces (PACAF), and Air Education and Training Command (AETC). This initiative aims to acquire technology for topics including persistent Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance technology, DoD commercial space partnerships, global space transport and delivery, and space asset resiliency. Solutions may be submitted until May 25.

Accelerating Pilots to Combat-Ready Aviators

The Combat Air Forces (CAF) are seeking a state-of-the-art training strategies and technology to accelerate the training of a pilot to a combat-ready aviator. AFWERX’s goal is to improve the overall effectiveness of training programs across the U.S. Air Force to focus on developing quality pilots and combat aviators quicker. Solutions may be submitted until May 19.

USAF and AFWERX possess innovation funding to designate towards exploring viable solutions and partnerships to further strengthen the Air Force. USAF has prototype funding available for individuals or companies who propose solutions to this specific challenge. Expert evaluators will carefully examine compelling challenge solutions presented within this crowdsourcing platform, and the best solutions could lead to additional prototyping, R&D and production contracts to be granted after the initial award. Participation could lead to official recognition for companies and the chance to work alongside the Air Force and other DoD agencies to see your concept mature into impactful real-life implementation.