Immerse have launched their Virtual Enterprise Platform (VEP), which combines the transformative power of VR with enterprise-ready functionality. Businesses can put any VR content on the platform, make it securely available to anybody in their organisation, and then deliver it to hundreds of standalone headsets, with data gathered centrally.

Bringing together content creation tools with a market-leading platform and flexible deployment options, Immerse VEP provides a fully-integrated VR training solution for businesses for the first time. The open platform has been developed over the past six years, and clients include BP, Shell, DHL, GE Healthcare and Facebook.

Justin Parry, Co-founder and COO of Immerse, said: "VR is such a powerful learning tool, and we want to make it available to as many businesses as possible, especially at a time when technology for effective remote-learning is so critical and businesses are seeking ways of building the resilience of their workforce."

Immerse VEP enables companies to create, scale and deploy VR training. Existing VR content can be imported with ease, while new content can be created with the help of the software development kit (SDK). The platform's openness means that it can easily be integrated into existing enterprise systems, with seamless but secure entry for employees. Training can be rapidly deployed via either standalone devices like the Oculus Quest or tethered devices like the HTC Vive.