Halldale Group Editor Marty Kauchak is back with another clip from MS&T's 'Delving into Defence' podcast, this time Marty and the team are joined by VRAI Founder and Managing Director Niall Campion to talk analytics and data in the defence simulation training industry.

Governments, and by extension defense departments, are implementing privacy, ethics and security laws and regulations that are impacting the data sector.

In a prescient observation, MS&T’s special correspondent Andy Fawkes said all warfighters are going to have to think about how their data are being used through their careers, “and it is not just training, it is career data and everything about them.”

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the European Union regulation on information privacy in the EU and the European Economic Area, was one early legislative action that had the panel members’ attention.

Campion, an award-winning editor, director and visual effects artist in the film and television industry before setting up VRAI in 2017, called special attention to VRAI’s care and handling of data, viewed as strategic assets, for individuals, its industry partners, customers and other stakeholders.  

Marty, a former US Navy Captain, who served for more than 23 years in the surface warfare community, was joined by Fawkes and Halldale CEO and founder Andy Smith in this episode.