KAS reintroduces flight training at Cottonwood Municipal Airport

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Kestrel Aviation Services (KAS) has acquired its first Light Sport Aircraft (LSA), a CTLS, and added flight training capabilities at its Light Sport Aviation Center at Arizona’s Cottonwood Municipal Airport.

The CTLS was manufactured by Flight Design GmbH and imported from Germany by Flight Design USA. KAS is already an authorized service center for Flight Design USA.

The move comes following the FAA’s creation of the new LSA category alongside the Sport Pilot license. A Sport Pilot certificate requires the applicant to pass an FAA knowledge test, acquire a minimum of only 15 hours of dual instruction, accomplish 5 hours of supervised solo flight and pass a check ride test. Furthermore, fledgling pilots don’t need an FAA medical certification to train – only a valid driver’s license.

This is half of what is currently required for a full Private Pilot certificate. However, relative to Private Pilot certification, Sport Pilot certification is limited to day flying carrying only one passenger, no flying in controlled airspace without an instructor’s endorsement and a maximum flight altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level or 2,000 feet above terrain (whichever is greater).

KAS offers pilots the opportunity to continue training and earn their Private Pilot certificate in the CTLS if they so choose, using the Gleim Aviation Sport Pilot and Private Pilot curriculum.

Existing Private Pilots can also fly LSA aircraft such as the CTLS as Sport Pilots without a medical certificate if they have not had their last medical revoked by the FAA. The company offers a 5-hour minimum transition flight program for such pilots, which then qualifies them to rent the Flight Design CTLS from KAS as long as they also have a current flight review and renter’s insurance.

Sid Lloyd, Managing Director of KAS, noted that if there is sufficient interest they may acquire additional CTLS aircraft.


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