MYAirline Receives Full Approval for Electronic Flight Bag Usage

15 May 2023

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Image credit: MYAirline

MYAirline has received full approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia for the use of Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) on all its aircraft. EFBs are electronic information management devices that replace the traditional paper-based documentation and manuals used in the flight deck, allowing pilots to access essential information in a digital format. In addition, an EFB helps flight crews perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently with less paper by providing the reference material often found in the pilot's carry-on flight bag, such as the flight crew operating manual, and navigational charts.

“Operationally, EFBs will allow us to use less resources than traditional paper- based flight bags and we now have critical flight information digitized and at the pilots’ fingertips. It cuts down the weight and the complexity of using reams of plans and instructions and it saves hundreds of thousands of sheets of updated manuals typically used by pilots during their career,” said Stuart Cross, Chief Operating Officer of MYAirline. “This marks a tremendous safety enhancement and allows significant savings in the long run which further translates into lower costs of travel for the passenger.”

This approval to use EFBs marks a significant milestone in the airline’s journey. By replacing the bulky and cumbersome paper documents, which weighs almost 30 kilograms with a single portable device, the EFB system enhances the efficiency and safety of flight operations while reducing the airline's environmental impact. The system provides pilots with immediate access to critical information, such as weather updates, airport maps, performance computations and flight plans, making their tasks easier and more efficient whilst mitigating the possibility of human error.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology in both hardware and software fronts, the EFBs used by MYAirline reduces the manpower requirements for updating conventional documents. The electronic devices are also designed to withstand the rigors of flight operations and comply with all relevant safety regulations.


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