CAE Grows Business Aviation Training Presence

21 June 2024

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CAE inaugurated its first Gulfstream-dedicated business aviation training center, which will be a key component to training more pilots and maintenance technicians over the coming decades. Located near Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. headquarters in Savannah, Georgia, the new center has a capacity for up to four full-flight simulators (FFS). The first, a Gulfstream G550 FFS, began operating last January, and the second, a Gulfstream G280 FFS, will be ready for training in July. The maintenance training program, which will include virtual reality, will be offered on Gulfstream G280, G650, and G500/G600 business jets. The Savannah facility is CAE’s fifth business aviation training center in the United States.

“CAE Savannah is a showcase for innovation. Virtual reality, for example, will be used in both the theoretical and practical elements of our maintenance training program, said Marc Parent, CAE’s President and CEO.”  “CAE Rise will also be used on all simulators, empowering instructors with technology that delivers insights and data to enrich simulator training for pilots.”

CAE Rise uses Metrics-Based Insights (MBI) and telemetry data to show instructors objective data during live training, allowing them to focus on evaluating soft skills. The technology, which CAE has developed for both civilian and military pilot training, also provides analytics to proactively detect, and ultimately address, emerging safety trends.

The Savannah Training Center represents another significant milestone in the growth of CAE’s business aviation training network and its commitment to helping to meet the global requirement for an additional 32,000 business aviation pilots and 74,000 business aircraft maintenance technicians by 2032. CAE now has five centers dedicated to business aviation training in the U.S. in New Jersey, Nevada, Texas, Florida, Georgia, as well as its center in Montreal, to round out its North American presence.


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