Airways Aviation Launches New Training Facility in Cyprus

1 July 2024

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Airways Aviation will open its newest training facility in Cyprus in September 2024, located in the picturesque seaside city of Larnaca. Renowned for its relaxed lifestyle, beautiful landscapes, and favorable climate, Cyprus offers stable and consistent flying weather, allowing students to fully immerse themselves in their training with minimal seasonal interruptions.

The new Cyprus facility aims to attract aspiring aviators from around the region and beyond and provide a range of Airline Pathway Programs that lead to EASA, CASA, ATPL, and CPL (ME-IR) certifications.

"We are excited to announce the launch of our newest training facility in the picturesque city of Larnaca. This addition marks our 5th flying base and 12th ground location globally," said Wissam Mehyou, CEO of Intercontinental Aviation Enterprise, Airways Aviation partner in Lebanon and Cyprus.

"Positioned as a strategic bridge between the Middle East and Europe, our Cyprus facility will provide aspiring aviators with unparalleled training opportunities amidst beautiful landscapes and favorable flying weather. We look forward to welcoming the next generation of pilots and continuing our mission to expand Airways Aviation's reach and impact across the globe."

Aspiring pilots may begin their journey with the Private Pilot License (PPL) program, continue with Structured Hour Building, and convert to complete their EASA ATPL or CASA CPL training in either France, Italy, or Australia respectively.

A notable highlight of Airways Aviation's Cyprus offering will be our bespoke Aviation Foundation Course, which provides aspiring pilots with the necessary groundwork and preparatory training to excel in the advanced pilot training phases.

“The commencement of training activities in Cyprus marks a significant milestone that provides a unique EASA or CASA Airline Pilot Pathway opportunity for students from the Levant and surrounding regions," said Romy Hawatt, Founder & Chairman of Airways Aviation Group. "Specialized Foundation Courses along with our comprehensive theoretical and practical flight training programs are meticulously designed to assess, select, educate, train and equip students with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel as commercial Airline Pilots.”

Enrolments for the inaugural batch are limited to 30 places, with applications opening on 1st of July.


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