Introducing the Ground Operations Training Stream at APATS 2024

10 July 2024

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APATS 2024

The Asia Pacific Airline Training Summit

9th - 11th September, 2024.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


We are excited to launch a new Ground Operations Training Stream at APATS 2024, taking place this September in Singapore. This innovative addition to our conference lineup aims to address the critical, yet often-overlooked, area of ground operations in aviation, enhancing safety training in this vital sector.

Why Ground Operations?

Traditionally, our conferences have focused on separate streams for Pilots, Cabin Crew, and Maintenance. Recognising the distinct challenges and importance of ground operations, we are dedicating a specific stream to this area.

This decision stems from a stark realisation: the annual cost of ground accidents is estimated to be up to $10 billion, with unacceptable rates of personal injuries and fatalities.

Why Now?

Jacques Drappier highlighted the urgency of addressing safety issues in ground operations. The financial costs are significant, and by creating a dedicated stream, we aim to bring together industry leaders and experts to discuss, determine, and implement necessary policy changes. Our goal is to improve safety records and reduce costs, continuing the success we've seen in other aviation sectors.

For 25 years, Halldale conferences have provided a platform for key stakeholders to gather with the overarching aim of "Improving Safety by Training." While we've made significant strides in pilot, cabin, and maintenance safety, we continually adapt and expand our offerings to meet current challenges. The new Ground Operations stream is a testament to this commitment.

What to Expect

The Ground Operations Training Stream at APATS 2024 will feature:

  • Engagement with Peers and Experts: Join a large group of training specialists dedicated to identifying and resolving issues in ground operations.
  • Round-Table Workshops: Participate in workshops to discuss issues and shape the future of ground ops safety.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: Access cutting-edge technology in the expo hall that may not yet be used in ground operations training.
  • Cross-Stream Learning: Attend specific presentations in the Pilot, Cabin, or Maintenance sessions on topics such as selection and competency-based training.

Who Should Attend?

This stream is designed for anyone involved in ground operations, particularly supervisors, managers, and those involved in training across different categories of ground operations. Roles that will benefit include ground handling supervisors, training managers, safety officers, and operational managers.

Register Today!

Join us at APATS 2024 to experience firsthand the collaborative and impactful benefits of our new Ground Operations Training Stream. Be part of the conversation to shape the future of ground operations safety. We look forward to seeing you in Singapore this September!


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