AeroGuard Expands Fleet with Piper Aircraft

10 July 2024

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AeroGuard Flight Training Center has delivered the first five planes from its 90 aircraft order with Piper Aircraft.

AeroGuard placed a 90 aircraft order with Piper in late 2023, acknowledging the significant growth its domestic and international programs have seen this past year. Last month, AeroGuard added another 4 planes to its fleet, pushing their total aircraft past 100 planes. Now as AeroGuard takes delivery of these new Piper Archers, it nears 110 planes in its fleet.

Beyond aircraft acquisition, AeroGuard also continues to expand its training capacity and resources to meet incoming student demand. Domestically, AeroGuard’s Pilot Pathway Program and its program with Arizona State University train hundreds of pilots, many of which become flight instructors to build their experience to 1,000 or 1,500 hours required for hire at U.S. airlines.

“The addition of these new planes will continue to build our training capabilities and ensure our students receive the highest standard of pilot education while working towards their professional careers,” AeroGuard’s CEO, Joel Davidson.

Over the past year, AeroGuard has also expanded its physical space across its three U.S. campuses as it prepares to train up to 2,000 students. With a commitment to safety and student success, AeroGuard will continue expanding its fleet with further aircraft acquisition to support the school’s students as they build the skills, knowledge, and experience they need for long and successful careers at the airlines.

In picking up this first delivery of its 90 aircraft order, several AeroGuard flight instructors traveled to Piper’s headquarters in Vero Beach, Florida to pick up the Archers and bring them safely back to AeroGuard’s Phoenix, Arizona, campus.


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