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El Al Acquires B737-NG Sim from Multi Pilot Simulations

Posted on Tuesday 10th January 2017 | Airline

El Al Israel Airlines and MPS have entered into definitive agreements for the delivery of an MPS B737-NG FTD1 fixed base simulator.

The MPS FTD will greatly assist El Al in their training growth and the ability to further improve the quality of their new pilots. The MPS B737-NG simulator wil be installed at the El Al training facility in Tel Aviv later this year.

Captain Edo Sharon, chief pilot, director flight operations, El Al, commented: "This is the first professional MPS FTD in Israel, setting a new standard for training quality in civil aviation. Our investment in the MPS B737-NG FTD marks the beginning of a new era in our use of fixed base simulator technology. The MPS product now defines the standard for build quality and fidelity for FTD's and El Al anticipates that the MPL device will provide greater opportunities for our pilots to practice their manual handling skills in a relaxed training environment. These MPS simulators will be used in a variety of training and operational roles all designed to build on the industry leading safety standards which are the hallmark of El Al's operation system."


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Authored by Fiona Greenyer
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