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Man4Gen Project

Posted on Thursday 25th April 2013 | Airline

Despite proven safety benefits of modern cockpit automation systems, evidence suggests that when faced with unexpected situations, pilots sometimes have difficulties in appropriately responding to situations which require a rapid transition from monitors of very reliable systems, to active and authoritative decision-makers exercising manual control of the aircraft.

In his presentation on the ICATEE and the subject of Loss of Control In Flight, Dr. Sunjoo Advani introduced to the WATS delegates a new European Union funded project called Manual Operations of 4th Generation Airliners, or Man4Gen. This project involves NLR, DLR, Boeing, Airbus, University of Linkoping, University of Vienna, Medical University Vienna, GTA and his own company IDT. 

The project will concentrate on understanding in detail how pilots respond to surprising and confusing events, and how they can be assisted to react under such circumstances. The project is expected to contribute to improved training, flight operations procedures, and flight-deck design.


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Authored by Fiona Greenyer
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