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Despite the challenges of the pandemic, FLAIM has continued to make improvements to its immersive learning solutions. In Q1, the FLAIM team developed new scenarios, procedures, features and technical updates to its equipment. This includes its continual software development and improvement of fire physics, graphic quality, water foam and smoke modelling. FLAIM’s largest piece of work has been to develop greater support for large scale fire environments, such as wildfires, which means FLAIM can create much larger fire scenarios in the future. This highly sophisticated development of coding ensures it can create high quality graphics, whilst maintaining high fidelity and optimised CPU performance.

Specifically for Extinguisher, FLAIM has added a new Purple-K extinguisher for Class B fires and improved, dry powder, foam, water and burning effects.

The development team has also been working with an Australian emergency services customer to develop an immersive learning solution for training multi-agencies in multi-locations in a specific training event. More information will be available in Q2.

Some of the new scenarios for the FLAIM Trainer software includes airbase - C17 engine fire to train on the correct approach through highlighted approach zones, bushfire/wildfire - train on ember attack, grassfires threatening property and how to safeguard a house, and mining - introducing training on large haul truck engine fire and running fuel fire.

The training approach is to improve risk preparedness, teaching the learner how to safeguard property against potential threats before a fire and when a fire is approaching a house with random propagation. It also teaches how to control random spot fires and ember attack within a limited time period pre-evacuation.

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The FLAIM Trainer Software Release and Scenario Update document, including learning outcomes, can be accessed on the FLAIM Customer Portal, which the company recently developed for customers.

With a specific focus in commercial kitchens and the hospitality industry, FLAIM is releasing the following new scenarios, some of which include Commercial kitchen wok fire and Commercial Kitchen Overloaded Power Board Fire.

The following new procedures and features have also been added: Purple-K extinguisher (Class B fires), improved extinguisher effects, improved burning and charring effects.

FLAIM’s products are now being utilised by firefighters in emergency service agencies, defence and training organisations in more than 25 countries, across a wide range of industry aligned fire simulations.

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