CAA International (CAAi), the training division of the UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA), launched a two-day training course on risk-based oversight and surveillance.

Risk-Based Oversight, or Performance-Based Regulation as it is commonly known in the UK, is an oversight system that compliments compliance-based auditing. It lets regulators identify and understand risks for a better allocation of CAA resources to help influence and mitigate aviation safety threats. The UK CAA adopted the risk-based approach in 2014 after recognizing that compliance-based oversight auditing was not enough to manage safety risks.

The goal of the new course, developed by UK CAA regulators, is to provide a foundation of risk and performance-based oversight principles, including how to measure an entity to determine baseline oversight levels and identify the key components of a risk-based oversight audit cycle. Delegates will learn the importance of collaboration between the entity oversight team members to fully determine the risk picture and the analytical techniques needed to produce safety performance indicators to monitor trends and identify risks.

Mark Vincent, risk-based oversight manager at UK CAA says the course will let aviation professionals practice and explore risk-based oversight principles and give regulators the confidence to develop and implement risk-based surveillance in their industry.

The first course will take place at CAAi’s London Gatwick training facilities in November 2018. For more information, visit: