Centurio decided on FlightLogger's platform to provide a digitized education platform so students have access to the right training tools and ensure a proper introduction to each course module. FlightLogger is an addition to Centurio’s digital theory training, and the implementation will reduce paper workflows, improve reporting options and increase transparency.

ATO management

With FlightLogger, Centurio’s ATO activities including flight programs, ground school theory, bookings, flight registrations and maintenance, as well as certificate management, document management and messages management are integrated and digitized to the benefit of the whole organization.

Centurio collaborates closely with a number of aeroclubs that get the benefit of integrating their flight training with Centurio, and the company is able to maintain the focus on the core offers of an aeroclub. The members of the aeroclubs that wish to take a pilot license or need additional aviation training can then do that with Centurio. With FlightLogger in place, Centurio can offer a structured platform that the individual aeroclubs can struggle to provide.

After making the decision to go with FlightLogger, the Centurio account was quickly set up with the required business information. A two-day training session onsite at Centurio’s headquarters in Stockholm was conducted in mid-January. With a go-live on February 1, 2019, Centurio is now providing a full digital experience to the aeroclubs in addition to all employees, students and management.