Touch Surgery and DAQRI launched new surgical training capabilities that let people perform next to ‘real-life’ surgical procedures. The development brings Augmented Reality (AR) into the operating room, letting surgeons practice in a virtual OR on a virtual patient.

“Surgeons no longer need to refer to outdated books or medical journals,” says Brian Mullins, DAQRI Founder and CEO. They can learn “a surgical procedure in an almost real-life scenario, and then receive feedback. By partnering with Touch Surgery, we are able to help surgeons practice their skills, learn new ones and ultimately enhance the worldwide access patients have to quality medical care.”

Touch Surgery Co-founder and CEO Jean Nehme, M.D., says, “To date, Touch Surgery has delivered content to surgeons via mobile devices to prepare for the OR. Our latest developments in augmented reality platforms allows us to extend our support to the surgeons across the world.”