Education Management Solutions (EMS), a provider of simulation management technologies, is partnering with Panasonic R&D of America to bring the Panasonic 3D Multiview Anatomy System to the U.S. market. EMS will provide demonstrations of this immersive training tool at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) in Orlando, Florida, January 29-31 at booth #509.

The 3D Multiview Anatomy System combines leading-edge technology with intuitive features, including: actual 4K+ cadaver images, 1,900+ name labels of body parts, multilayer dissection, and high-resolution 3D image capturing. The 3D Multiview Anatomy System is available as a standalone package for single-users, as well as in a network package for multi-users, accessible in a classroom or via tablet devices.

The Panasonic 3D Multiview Anatomy System helps to enhance anatomy courses by giving learners the ability to navigate efficiently through different bodily layers and structures in a three-dimensional space. The system provides learners (including residents and medical and nursing students) more autonomy in choosing different views, angles and combinations of anatomical images than are possible in traditional cadaver-based instruction.