The nursing school at The University of North Carolina is the first school to have the latest model of SimMom, an advanced birthing simulator. The $45,000 investment will better prepare students for childbirth and improve patient care.

SimMom, Improving Maternal & Neonatal Outcomes

The childbirth simulator has been updated and is bringing in more advanced features and scenarios for students to get as close to a real experience as possible. The simulator is controlled wirelessly which makes it easier for instructors to walk around the room and give the appropriate feedback as students perform.

SimMom is a simulator created by Laerdal Medical, a company specializing in medical training equipment and simulation. The simulator can be used to train nurses for deliveries in a range of scenarios including, but not limited to: normal vaginal deliveries, obstetrical emergencies, and shoulder dystocia encounters.

The full-body simulator is also ideal for training In-Situ. Nursing students will have the opportunity to practice in a real-world environment and understand the complexity of working in a team. The goal is to expose students to real-life scenarios so students can be prepared for most emergency situations and learn to make quick decisions.

The simulator also has human-like responses such as breathing and screaming. It can accept medications, IV and catheters, an ultrasound function, and many other features.