Davis & Elkins College (D&E) and Davis Medical Center (DMC) in Elkins, West Virginia partnered to open The Center for Advanced Clinical Learning for inter-professional education The new simulation lab gives . D&E nursing students and the hospital’s nurses opportunities to learn and practice in a realistic and risk-free environment.

The lab, located at the DMC, has individual units; such as an emergency, pediatrics and examination rooms furnished with the same medical supplies and equipment used in DMC’s clinical settings. “One of the many benefits of having a simulation lab on the Davis Health System campus is we can train both proactively and reactively based on almost any scenario,” says Davis Medical Center Director of Education Brenda Mason. “If our health care providers or students encounter a problem or scenario and would like to reconstruct it, we take that problem into the sim lab and create it. By doing this we can work together to find the right solution. Having The Center for Advanced Clinical Learning allows us to meet our patients' needs more confidently and effectively.”

Davis Health System President and CEO Vance Jackson says, “This collaborative academic-practice partnership strengthens the link between education and clinical practice. It will greatly enhance the health care workforce in our region and serves as a successful example of how partnerships can evolve to address similar challenges and create opportunity.”