DiaMedical USA launched a new product in its SimLabSolutions product line called SimVS tablet, that the company say is an economical platform for lifelike simulation in different settings such as hospital, pre-hospital and respiratory therapy that lets instructors control patient vital signs and diagnostic results. This forces students to use critical thinking to react accordingly and treat the patient in a realistic, intense manner.

This technology can be used with a standardized patient or any fidelity manikin for a more affordable and authentic solution to diagnostic skills training. The instructor’s tablet controls the physiological displays of three types of monitor interfaces:

  • Defibrillator
  • Hospital Monitor
  • Mechanical Ventilator
The SimVS is available on its own or as part of one of these bundles:
  • Training Headwall & SimVS Bundle
  • Loaded Crash Cart & SimVS Bundle
  • SimRig Ambulance Trainer & SimVs Bundle