During a mock terrorist attack emergency response workshop at the annual EMS World Expo, Gaumard's Trauma HAL® S3040.100, what the company says is the first robotic patient simulator designed for CBRNe (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosive) response training, was used to simulate victims of a large-scale attack.

The Gaumard simulator Trauma HAL® S3040.50 simulator features pressure-sensitive wounds and trauma limbs for point of injury, care under fire, emergency field care, extraction, patient transport, mass casualty and more. During the event, it served as the victim in two "Active Shooter Mass Casualty Incident" training exercises that gave EMS teams, first responders HAZMAT specialists an opportunity to work together on a true-to-life exercise. This. They trained in a broad range of skills including casualty care, planning, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teamwork, transport, and advanced protocols such as chemical decontamination of victims. All the while, incident commanders remotely monitored events via body cameras and drones.

"Gaumard's goal is to ensure that first responders stay a step ahead of the rapidly-changing demands of emergency preparedness by providing simulation training tools that can be used anywhere," Gaumard Executive Vice President John Eggert says. "As EMS professionals face ever-more challenging situations, simulators are used to sharpen their life-saving skills in a safe training environment, resulting in better management of emergencies in the real world."

Gaumard provides EMS students and professionals with realistic trauma patient simulators and skills trainers to practice patient assessment and treatment throughout the continuum of care, including point of injury care, transport and emergency-room handoff.