How do we get innovative ideas off the ground and into the market for exploitation by the frontline? In this latest Wafighter Podcast episode Tom and Colin speak to Owen Thompson, who deals with this every day in his role as CEO at Cambridge Future Tech - a Venture Builder that works with deep-tech startups across diverse markets.

Owen has had two successful careers: First as a Typhoon pilot for the Royal Air Force and then appointed to senior positions in a leading defence prime when he left the forces. So he brings a unique perspective for defence centric technologies.

The capital markets for startups have historically been slightly allergic to funding defence startups, however, attitudes are changing. Investments in companies like Palantir and Anduril have the potential to create huge change in the Defence industry.

Owen talks about his experience with new technology startups trying to make a difference in Defence, how they met these challenges and potential routes for funding and getting innovation to the users through the commercial maze that government procurement often is.


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