For the final education episode for this season, Len Granowetter, CTO for MAK Technologies, joins Tom and Colin on this week's episode of The Warfighter Podcast

Len has been at the forefront of some of the most demanding simulation challenges and applications on large-scale projects. Most notably MAK’s software is integral to the UK Gladiator and Australian Army’s Land Sim Core projects (to name but two).

To understand the discussion about common or single synthetic environments, Len talks through a short tour of the component parts of a simulation platform, detailing how interoperability is a different challenge from deployment (the infrastructure side). Semantic interoperability is the real challenge now - how to seamlessly integrate terrain for example. 

Finally, Len talks about some of the different approaches taken by real-world projects and the trade-off taken between technology innovators and technology integrators. Rarely are these the same organisations.

Tom and Colin were keen to hear about Luke's experience of in Army Futures Command, and some of the techniques and approaches they used to inspire change across a sprawling organisation. As the title suggests - how do we disrupt without destroying current operations and the good parts.

In this bold future, it’s about making more connections, spreading information, views and perspectives across a mesh rather than a strict hierarchy. Luke points out some of the things that can be blockers as well as the tricks that can work to drive change.

Andy Fawkes from MS&T, who is fresh back from IT2EC in Rotterdam (one of the largest training and simulation conferences in Europe). Andy provides us with a brief rundown of the main themes and news items of interest from the show floor.


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MS&T special correspondent Andy Fawkes is also a regular guest, providing a digest of the recent modelling & simulation news, with some discussion around the more interesting trends.