SkinCeuticals partnered with ReSurge International, a global not-for-profit dedicated to empowering local doctors in developing countries to increase access there to reconstructive surgical care. SkinCeuticals is committed to furthering the field of aesthetic medicine through evidence-based formulations and science. The company says through its experience working with doctors, it’s learned that aesthetics have the potential to change more than just the appearance.

For people in developing countries who suffer from burn injuries or congenital conditions, a change in their appearance can change their lives— enabling them to fully participate in their communities, attend school, and provide for their families; yet five billion people worldwide lack access to safe, timely surgical care.

Equality of medical training is essential to bridging this gap, they companies say. Today, there are only three female surgeons for every 1 million people in low income countries, often due to a lack of equal access to significant technical training or obstacles to gaining acceptance in their field.

ReSurge International trains the next generation of reconstructive surgeons in Africa, Latin America and Asia; and works with them to create a sustainable care model; and together, they provide reconstructive surgical care to people living in poverty and in remote areas. ReSurge provides life-changing surgical care that is safe, timely and affordable in developing countries, and develops surgical capacity to ensure the availability of year-round care and does that through surgical care and the ReSurge Global Training Program (RGTP). It also also focuses on women surgeons through its initiative for Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery that technically trains, professionally mentors, and develops leadership in qualities in first generation female surgeons to increase access to reconstructive surgical care in under-served parts of the world.

The partnership with SkinCeuticals provides access to the most expert technical training, leadership development and mentor support to the first generation of local women reconstructive surgeons in developing nations, and foster the building of essential networks required for safe surgical care. Together, they hope to change the landscape for women surgeons worldwide, enabling them to advance their careers and transform the lives of those in need of life-altering surgical care.