ITEC 2019 (the International Training Equipment Conference) will return to Sweden May 14 - 16, 2019 with the theme: Interoperable by design: connecting people, technology, and nations and is now accepting papers for presentation. From modelling, disaster management, medical, cyber security, e-learning, mobile technologies, serious games, competence based training and visual display products, ITEC presents the full spectrum of the training, simulation and education sectors. (Editor's note: military medical readers please note: Track 3 of the conference “Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Needs, Emerging Solutions” representing the core applications theme for ITEC 2018 will include papers in domains including Medicine.)

Sweeden has hosted the leading the VIKING series of exercises alongside participants from the United Nations, European Union, civilian authorities, police, military and representatives from humanitarian organizations since 1999. VIKING is a practical extension of efforts to improve mission readiness in a time- and resource-effective manner - to build interoperable military and civil defense, and to build on work already undertaken by NATO to better connect joint forces within, across, and among nations.

ITEC 2019 says it is extending the spirit of the VIKING challenge to the ITEC community and calling for papers that address how to make our military forces and civil responders interoperable by design: “People are at the heart of what ITEC is about and our key objective is to empower those who serve their nations in joint, combined, and distributed contexts.” The ITEC 2019 theme focuses on ways in which members from research, industry, and operations work together to enhance international collaboration by stepping outside our siloed comfort zones to connect people, technology, and nations.”

How people may use innovative technology for more effective and efficient training and education is a mainstay of ITEC; and in 2019 it will be given greater emphasis. Papers on more effective and efficient use of available technology and anticipated, possibly disruptive, future technologies are welcome for ITEC 2019 in Stockholm. As such, 2019 also gives way to greater emphasis on redefining the role of human factors in future technology-mediated environments.

ITEC 2019 provides a platform for the military and civil safety & security communities to exchange and improve knowledge on innovation, simulation effectiveness and interoperability. Civil solution providers, researchers and training providers are encouraged to submit papers for the 2019 ITEC Call for Papers.

The ITEC 2019 Conference has three main tracks. During the submission process authors will be requested to identify which track their submission is written for:

  • Human Factors and Performance in a Connected Age
  • Technologies and Architectures
  • Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Needs, Emerging Solutions
Additional themes include:
  • Advanced Engineering
  • Civil Security – Police, Fire & Medical
Track 3 of the conference “Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Needs, Emerging Solutions” representing the core applications for ITEC 2019 specifically invites papers looking at the use of simulation in medical training at individual patient level as well as mass casualty management in a civil military and joint context.

Full details of the call for papers can be found at: The submission deadline is Friday, October 12, 2018.